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Siblings, John and Cheryl never imagined that they would become co-authors once they reached adulthood.  ​

They started out in California, but eventually their parents, Vince and Evelyn Irvan, moved the family to the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area.  As an adult, John settled in Iowa while younger sister, Cheryl remained in Texas to start a family of her own. 

That didn't mean their bond was broken through the miles. In fact, it strengthened their bond as they communicated frequently about the good ole' days, family, work, and their passion for Christ. 


Their fondest memory is growing up with a gifted father, who wrote both fiction and non-fiction works. When he discovered their passion for writing, he became a huge influence on them during their formative years by teaching them not only various writing styles, but familiarizing them with different authors and their works.


In 2013, John felt God tugging at his heart and gave him the initiative and message for the book, The Last Rose - No Mistakes.  John, later shared the idea with Cheryl and the two crafted a beautiful spiritual journey for all to enjoy.

J.W. Irvan

J.W. Irvan, known as John to close friends and family has enjoyed a quiet life in Galva, Iowa with his wife, Barbara of nearly 30 years. The loving couple worships at Summit Evangelical Free Church in their town, where J.W is part of the music ministry as a drummer.

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Cheryl Bills resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area with Greg, her husband, her mother, Evelyn, teen daughter, Taylor, grown daughter, Kayleigh and grandchildren, Zoe. and Dax. When she is not working as an administrative assistant or writing, she is enjoying quality family time. She worships at Fielder Church.

Cheryl Bills

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