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Cover of The Last Rose - No Mistakes

The Last Rose


Taylor Stratton is an ordinary man chosen by God to find a solitary person who possesses an unawakened gift - the ability to influence and sway millions of souls to come to Christ. There’s just one problem. He doesn't know who she is or where she is. If that weren't challenging enough, she is an unbeliever and before she can win souls for Christ, she must first be saved herself. But time is running out. Signs and prophecies indicate these are the end times and every person needs to hear the Gospel and receive Christ before it is too late.


True to form, evil is lurking and waiting for the chance to sabotage and destroy. Satan’s agents are watching Taylor’s every move and plotting. If they reach the unbeliever before Taylor, they will destroy her and ensure her power never awakens.


Armed only with unshakable faith, Taylor sets out on what seems to be an impossible mission with only two clues: a vision of a rose and a directive from God to go East.  However, he soon learns that he has walked into the middle of a war being waged between good and evil, angels and demons and humanity’s best and its worst.  They are all looking for the elusive rose.  Some committed to protect her and others determined to crush her.

The Last Rose

The Thin Veil

Taylor, Jack and Kate continue the journey of faith over fear in the second book in The Last Rose series. They are closer than ever to finding "the rose", but the enemy is hot on their heels, determined to reach her first. God is using them to change lives and touch hearts as they continue on their trek, sweeping bystanders up into the world of the supernatural.

As the trio forges ahead, THE THIN VEIL between this world and the heavenly realms falls away, allowing them (and those close by) to witness angels fighting for them and the demons they are battling. Why is war breaking out? The evil one wants nothing more than to stop "the rose" from discovering her power.

The action and suspense ramp up in the sequel to "NO MISTAKES", taking the reader from peaceful, rural settings to the seedy back alleys of the inner city. The lives that intersect with the heroes are changed forever but that does not mean that anyone is safe. To become a warrior for the cause of Christ means a willingness to lay down your life. Souls are saved and lives are lost but for those who believe, to die is gain.

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