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Could she be Rose?

Age: Unknown

Marital Status: Unknown

Profession: Unknown

Dream Job: Unknown

Best Quality: If she is Rose, she could save us all.

She is definitely somebody, but could this woman be the elusive Rose who Taylor has been sent to find? She keeps showing up and clues indicate she may well be the one God has chosen. But as quickly as she appears, she vanishes again.


All we know is that Rose (whoever she may be) is an unbeliever and that if she can be brought to faith, a dormant power inside her will come to life and she will influence millions for the Kingdom of God. But time is running out because Christ's return is imminent and too many have not yet been saved. If this woman is Rose, Taylor will have his work cut out for him first to befriend her and then help her become all that she is destined to be.

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